The Power Of Soul



You’ve heard your a powerful being but what does that mean – your angels tell me it means you can overcome any obstacle that you decide too and you can manifest it’s solar opposite through your Oneness with source – however your focus and intention must be on that power rather than on the circumstances which challenge you


Your angels say that the life we have is an illusion you have a ‘whole other life’ as a Soul – if you are able to detach from all the ‘evidence’ and focus instead on the ‘energy of soul’ and BE that energy – your world like a mirror changes it’s reflection to that energy – which is love, peace and a deep level of knowing that All is Well


T o change your life is to feel your connection to Soul  – who is always loving you and adoring you from ‘way up high’ your soul is not separate from you – you  Are One – when you FEEL the power of oneness with your whole life the bits you love and the bits you don’t you begin to allow more Soul to be felt



You begin to see things in a less attached way, you are able to let go of needing outcomes because you understand everything is valid – you begin to give less of your energy to what does not serve you and spend more of your time doing the things that you love


The power of Soul does not rely on clairvoyance or knowing your angels are there – though of course hearing their delightful chatter as you move through your day Is wonderful, the power of one dictates when you are at ‘one’ with your life as it is now, all of life will be ‘at one’ with you – and your world will slowly start to show you just how beautiful you are


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