The Power Of Surrender


Have you landed in the New Year with the ‘January Slump’  ?  Did you feel and intend that ‘it would all be different’ only a week in it all feels remarkably  familiar – and your wondering how much ‘more you will have to do and put in’ in order for things to change ?


Perhaps your affirming your heart out – with eyes keenly peeled to see what changes?

Perhaps your being decisively positive at the moment and are fully expecting things to be ‘different this time’ ?


And breathe ……..

‘The Guides’ are a loving group of Pleiadians, Sirians, Annuki and angelic beings that I channel for clients all over the world – they want you to know that the easiest way to create and manifest the life you want is to surrender in every moment – here’s what they want you to know this week





The Guides Have told me honestly that surrendering to creator is the only way for your life to change – when we quit trying to force something to happen we allow creator to bring forth outcomes which allow the highest path to be seen


Very often the outcome that scares you the most is the very one you are creating if you are Not surrendering – yes this means allowing for all of the outcomes that scare you, worry you and downright frustrate you, the more you ignore their feasibility the more you invite them closer


Creator doesn’t want life to be hard – challenging yes, expansive yes, hard and limiting No it’s only the mind that does that


‘But how do I surrender when theirs bills to pay, my relationship is in jeopardy or I have to Do something about this ?’



  • You only have to surrender to This moment – if there is anything you are required to do (to allow creator to support you) then you will Know it strongly, Feel it urgently, already be doing it – but if it is something that isn’t truly required but is needed because your mind tells you so, you will meet resistance not acceptance from the circumstance itself and the people involved – when you work from the perspective that you can only create your life one moment at a time you will see things evolve quickly
  • Those very things that you have attachment to happening – or needing not to happen will not be helped by any form of emotional resistance, the only way that these circumstances can ‘flow in a easier manner’ is if You are flowing in an easier manner, surrender moment by moment is the only way you can start to do this

‘Surrendering is the powerful act of a creator that knows energy follows it’s prompt, you don’t need to know any of the details you simply need to activate the energy that you wish to see in manifest form – if you cannot surrender that energy is low – stop – go within and don’t start again until you are peaceful or at the very least accepting and yes this is on all subjects’


That for today is our message for you the power of Surrender allows us to allow everything we want, need and would love


If you would like to experience the wisdom and love of ‘The Guides’ click the link below and book your hour with them we cannot wait to assist you in allowing the fullness of who you are to flow into your beautiful life ‘ 


For now with 100% belief in you


Sheelagh and The Guides





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