The Purpose Of Grace In Manifesting Clarity And Clients




‘Living In A State Of Grace’ is something that we think only ‘holy’ and ‘Super Spiritual’ people do, and with todays pressures and deadlines it can seem the farthest thing from your mind.


Grace is the energy that will manifest your Soul Client and Your Spiritual Ability the fastest – why?  Because you are trusting, surrendering, letting go, and more than that immersing yourself in gratitude and acceptance for ‘what is’.



But let’s say, you have issues in your life that are just not ‘lettable goeable’ of – like a relationship that’s breaking your heart, money worries that have an urgency about them, or health issues that are unbearable for you or a loved one, well, what then?



Accepting that there is a season for everything, to live, to love, to leave, and understanding that whatever is present Is present because of another energy or outcome that preceded it, means you can’t undo what is troubling you by resisting it, or taking yet more action.


Action – Feel the energy of the word, it is actually ‘hard’ and ‘brittle’ like the shell of an egg.  When we say a word or think a word or Feel a word, we are activating the ‘tone’ of that word into our life, it’s like dropping a spot of ink on blotting paper, it spreads in multiple directions.


Action does not yield results unless Grace was there first.  We are talking about Grace the easy flowing let go and hang loose version not ‘acceptance’ which you utter with a frustrated feeling on the end of the word ‘ance’ is like ‘Dance’ someone asking you to dance when you just don’t WANT too.  It wasn’t a choice this time, you are expected to do it so you had better grit your teeth and get ON with it right ?



Spiritual business and Spiritual ability are actually one and the same, when you are flowing through your entire life experience enjoying as much as you can, trusting what you feel and know and sense, and looking objectively at what emotional responses, and disruption is truly showing you, Then you are living in a state of grace.



It does not mean ‘feel okay about everything’ it means with grace know how you feel, feel it, immerse yourself in it, then like a kitten you’ve cuddled for too long, when it’s time, set ‘it’ free, like a mother watching her child go into school with a mixture of pride and emotion, realise that when it’s time to let something go, something new always enters.



In order to manifest any experience your emotions and your thoughts don’t always ‘have to be happy’ but they do have to have a flow to them, like a wave after wave carrying a boat to shore.  Flowing in and flowing out with grace and non judgment.



When you learn to develop your awareness of ‘why’ certain outcomes came in, and ‘when’ they are likely to change, when you can ‘feel’ when something is coming and you ‘can hear’ the guidance that is showing you the next step, then all of your experiences leading to your life purpose will manifest quicker easier and without much delay.


Intuition is the oil that allows the wheels of grace to turn, and as those wheels turn and gather momentum you will find you are ‘in the next step which feels so much better’ quicker than any kind of ‘happy thought bad thought’ could have got you there.



You see, the whole universe exists in a state of grace, the planets the evolution of species that come live and die, all exist in a state of perpetual Grace nothing is bad or good it just IS.



Feel how easy it is to live and work in a flow of Grace, trusting that you are in the right place at the right time with the right people, and watch how your life begins to blossom.



With infinite love and Grace

Sheelagh and your team

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