The Real Cost Of Empathy


The real cost of Empathy

The real cost of empathy. We hear so many people talk about having Empathy /Sympathy/Pity for those having a hard time in life – we wish we could Do something to help them yet it’s hard enough navigating our own path, still we feel strongly their pain and hardship ‘as if ‘ it were our own.

Another side of empathy is when we do not see the many realms that we all occupy as Souls in human bodies – some of us are very ‘Third World ‘ and only resonate with what we can see and touch, but others of us span many dimensions at once and move up and down through the emotions and frequencies of these realms, if this sounds like you, pay attention.  It’s likely to mean your natural vibration is higher than the average ‘Earth Soul’ and you ‘drop down’ to keep those you love and work alongside company for a time – what happens is they are ‘being who they are’ but you are ‘being who they are also’ and their lower vibration literally pulls you down and you will feel the effects of it later – most often people feel drained, depleted and flat after being in the company of someone whose vibration is much lower than theirs

But you have a choice, as a multidimensional being it is not a given that you Must take in energy from ‘around you’ – there is always the opportunity to take in energy from ‘higher levels of you’ and ‘from the positive resources around you’ that like you ‘span the realms ‘ too

The real cost of empathy


For example – you have a ‘higher self’ who lives in the 8th dimension and ‘parents us’ according to our blueprint, you have a 7th-dimensional self your spirit who ‘heals us’  and is focused in the crown, and even a 4th dimensional self who is linked into us through the heart who is focused on our feeling content, nourished and expansive – intending to connect to the energies and breathing them into our 3rd dimensional self will correct the empathic issue

You also have access to nature which ‘heralds’ from the 14th dimension, and you have light coming into you from the Magical Creatures of the 9th dimension should you take a few moments FEEL and intend this coming in – You Are able to fill yourself from ‘up there’ rather than from ‘out there’

Your Whole World consists of vibrations, and if you want to change the outcomes you are experiencing you must first change the energy that you are – if you are affected now by the energies of people that are disappointed, overwhelmed, stressed and scared – you will by default manifest this in your life however – if you clear yourself of these vibrations and focus instead of allowing the higher realms to flow in – your life Will change to mirror this

Cost of empathy

Empathy is wonderful, but at what cost

A great way to get unstuck quickly is to understand and clear influencing Spiritual Contracts, every spiritual contract takes energy from us and most people have contracts from people they dated, were working for, were friends with or whom they were involved with in some way on the energy plains most folks have thousands of outdated contracts which are draining their life force and disallowing manifestation

There are lots of spiritual contracts that affect us including :

  • Family contracts
  • Cathedral of Soul Contracts
  • Night time Support contracts
  • Money contracts
  • Employment Contracts
  • healing Contracts

It is probable that the reason you have so many people affecting you is because you have out of date contracts with them that allow them access to your energy – it’s great for them but No good for you

We have an option – in a powerful Angelic session we will offer you messages about why you are stuck and what is needed to get you back to where you should be we will also clear anything and everything and apply powerful Archangelic Medicines to get you on track with your highest path – these sessions are highly powerful and often produce results within as little as a week you can look at my messaging or clearing and messaging sessions here https://www.sheelaghmaria.com/workwithme

For now though remember the real cost of empathy doesn’t help them – they will stay there as long as they are feeling it keeps them safe  but it IS affecting you

Wishing you a million sparkles of light

Sheelagh and your team

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