The Realms of Possibility…..



This New Year we want to introduce you to a new concept – or possibly one you haven’t considered – you are a You niverse in yourself colliding with ‘many other eco systems’ all day long – but you are not only colliding with the energy fields of those that you live with, work with, socialise with, you are also affected deeply by them


Your auric field contains all of the energy that you are processing (on every subject) and also all of the energy that you will go on to process – and then radiate like a beacon to the ether, whereby the reflections start to come back thick and fast – in fact this year faster than ever before – however you are ALSO connected by energy streams to ‘Fields of Possibility’ which vibrate with atoms of a collective nature – so there are ‘possibility fields of Success, Abundance, Joy, Peace, and there are also fields of their opposites as well’


Just like opening a door and allowing the rain in, when you are plugged into a ‘Possibility fields’ you immediately receive a transfusion which your emotional ‘body’ and your mental ‘body’ then begin to process ‘with that flavour and attract ‘more of the same


Can you imagine how much more you could actualise if you were receiving downloads from the higher possibility fields?




In 2017 you will find that what would have taken months now can take just days, what can take a lot of energy for little gain, can be actualized with just a very clear energy field, a focused intention and a strong ability to trust and let go


My guides are teaching people to tap into their abilities to create in this new 5d energy it looks like


  • Knowing when you need to give something a little more time so that you get the best results quickly
  • Knowing that you do not need to ‘change your beliefs’ by focusing so hard you simply shift into your heart
  • Recognising when you need to dive into a nagging feeling let it wash over you – and then allow the clearing to occur
  • Knowing that if those feelings Do come up – you need to acknowledge them and the action required for the results your guides have for you to flow in afterwards
  • Plugging conciously into the Pools of possibility that are relevant to the creations you want to bring forth and ‘residing there’ as you go through your day
  • Keeping your channels of receiving wide open for each download as it’s ready


We would love to highlight to you how much easier it is to wait and be, rather than ‘wait and see’

i am now working with the starbeings from Pleiades Uranus (lols and all that ) Arcturia and Orion to teach people how to channel, create and live in these amazing 5 d energies whether you want to attract clients, accelarate your relationship with abundance, learn to channel your own star guides or realise your dreams


get in touch and book a free clarity call with me now www.sheelaghmaria.com/workwithme


We are wishing you mountains huge skies and wonderous sunsets, but we are also wanting you to create magic with Every step you take not just the big ones


With 100% belief in you

Sheelagh and your guides


if you would like to open

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