The Spirit Centre

Do you need help fulfilling your purpose in life? Tried everything else but still seeking? 

Then it’s time to try something different, something that helps you to feel truly connected to your invisible support team.

Welcome to The Spirit Centre.  

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The Spirit Centre 

For just £9.99 a month you will receive access to classes on Spiritual Development, Activations for your Psychic Abilities and Meditations to soothe your soul. 
New classes are added every month. 

The Spirit Centre Gold

For £19.99 a month you get all of the classes PLUS a 3 card reading as well as an activation for abundance channelled with your energy in mind. You also get a permanent discount to use on any of my services when you need them. 

Lessons Include;

Psychic Energy Healing

Money Angels Class

Intuitive Mediumship

Connect to your guides

Am I psychic can I be a medium

Stay with me for 4 months on The Spirit Centre Gold and Get a FREE 30 Minute live session!

Are you ready to connect deeper with your spirit support team? Then get set to fulfil your spirit more than ever before. Go to your chosen membership now. 

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