Things That Go BUMP In The Light!

Hello Gorgeous Soul Sistr ( & Misters) I really really hope your doing good – I know many of you are feeling an awful lot more than you can explain & I’m here to help you where I can.

I have psychic kids, psychic cat, psychic ‘wolves’ oh and of course I’m a full time psychic – so not much scares ‘us’ as a family.  But one night my husbands phone, then glasses, flung themselves OFF the table whilst we were asleep, the cat hissed in terror – then ‘oh joy’ I heard a growl mid air –  I staggered around the house looking for something to clear the Ghoulie with and only found ‘Demon Lust’ incense sticks lol Not ideal at all…….

We were able to rid ourselves of Said Ghoulie,  –  but looking back I had had a bad chest infection, erratic moods and a really big block between my guides in the week prior – tech had also started to go wrong – so I share my book in the hopes you will find it of use…..https://www.sheelaghmaria.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Magic-Tools-For-Intuitives-1.pdf

I’m seeing Starseeds that truly want to get on with why they’re here but want to know more about ‘how to do that’  – I’m truly a ‘I’ll know it when I see it & feel it’ kinda girl & I’m guessing you probably are too? Do you want to be able to help yourself & others even though on the outside it looks as if it’s all falling to bits ?  If so check this out……

My Spring Class ‘Sacred Spaces’ is a sparkle soaked course where I’ll be teaching you how to harness Spirit energies of the lightest and most loving kind & teaching you the following skills

  • How to connect to Unicorns Dolphins Fairies & Egyptian Goddess’s
  • How to use these energies for timeline healing & clearing (soul retrieval & healing portals)
  • How to tell a loved one or client which Spirit Animal is with them
  • How to work with the Fairy realm to receive wishes bestowed upon you & others
  • How to create sacred space safely

if this sounds of interest you can find out more here https://youtu.be/nUdcAwCkP6k 

This Gorgeous 5 week class is only £250 & I have only 2 places left book your space here we start Mid March no need to be live https://paypal.me/sheelaghmariacom?locale.x=en_GB

Last but not least I share a sneak peak of what’s coming in March – the theme is ‘Expression’ and you may find you now must say what needs to be said – if you need support with this in any way please reach out.


For now wishing you a March Soaked In Love


Sheelagh & The Team


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