Time To Claim Your Magic – By Michael


Here is a message as channeled by Archangel Michael on your true magical nature……


‘Greetings beloved sisters and brothers – it is I your Angelic Cousin who addresses you this fine day ……

I speak to you today of your true nature so that many of you may cease waiting and start embracing all that you are and all that you may receive as a way of knowing this …..


Firstly let me address ‘who you truly are’ you are not ‘this personality’ nor these circumstances as confining as they may seem, you are not the thoughts nor the emotions that course through your physical body, which too you are ‘not’ .

You are married to your body – it is the vehicle through which you express the set parameters of your vibrations and you are we hope grateful to her for offering such faithful and worthwhile service, and yet you are not her nor ever were you


You live in the adviser same realm as I do, we know each other well, that is why on this day these words have found you, as the broader part of you has communed with myself and has asked ‘please share please allow my advocate the benefit of this knowledge it is time she/he steps forward onto the path already agreed upon…..now tis the time 


It’s true you have guides and angels who surround you and who attend to your calls – and yet the truth is that it is your higher self, my friend in these realms who gives your team the agenda, the minutes the tasks for you to grow through…..your higher self has known that humanity finds it hard to understand that the self is the most powerful  and would rather place their trust, such as it is, into the hands of a being they hardly know


Yet that is an illusion, and one that keeps you separate from your true majesty, and your situation and circumstances my dear cannot change unless you accept your divinity and work with it in your life for your ‘real life’ to change




Your magical nature is one when touched upon infuses your physical being and your sphere of energy with a glow which will erase all that is stagnant stuck and blocked, new ideas, new creative impulses and even new soul mates will all start to make their way towards you as you embrace and behold and Know and recognize that you are your higher self in physical form.  We share with you now an easy way to touch the edges of your vastness, so that you may begin this process in lighthearted wonder, this is not a serious process that you must be of tired mind, this is joyful loving and easy, and takes no hours of meditation or contemplation to acquire, in fact that would go against the very real presence of your higher self on earth being available to you all the time and of all the times rather than when you have the energy and ability to still for a time, you cannot ever be less than you


How To Connect With Your Magical Self


1.  connect to your heart, open up and feel loving towards yourself, and your life ‘as is’ warts and all – now send this energy up dear one through your crown and up up up 

2. as you send your self ‘up’ feel more loving, more knowing, more wise sense the agelessness, the sexlessness of your true self and understand in any way you can that the limits you place upon yourself are no longer needed ‘to know is to grow’

3. ‘see’ yourself in a field of beautiful radiant energy – notice the colours and sparkles breathe this in lap this up and feel how ‘at home ‘ you are, feel how light and how loved you are you are now touching your magical self 

4. ask any advice that you need – receive  now beloved – you may FEEL in regards to timing, you may KNOW in regards to what’s required ‘next’ or now’ or you may Hear in your own voice (for as we shared there is no more divine being than you so do not expect a booming oratory) – take whatever you get receive and reflect even write down what you get so that you realise later this was not your mind, but your self through your mind

5. Go about your day, but – take time to ground – breathe deeply into our earth and receive from her the green light of gaia see it coming up through your feet and into your lower body this keeps you connected to your body but Also to your wisdom for now you are connected to the High self and also the earth mother heaven and earth are bridged this is nessacary for the wisdom to take root in ‘reality’ and to bring you all the resources you need

6. be patient dear one – your energy is always changing always moving but remember your outer reality has been this way for some time, do not look for the changes FEEL the changes KNOW they are already real and are making they way to your delivery soon, so soon, for now enjoy being You 





You ARE so dearly beloved and we want you to know that your path even with all it’s challenges is a beautiful valid one, be of good cheer and know that positive changes are coming, the retrograde seeks to highlight where you are not inline with your desired creations, so take this wisdom and use it wisely for it will serve you well


In great and with great love

Your Servant in light Michael


channeled by Sheelagh Maria

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