Twinflames & Soulmates – When It Goes Wrong


Love is what makes the world goes round – except when it goes wrong – and you don’t know what to do for the best

I’m no stranger to heartbreak I suffered 2 divorces and many heartbreaks till I found my Mr Wright – the Angels only brought him into my life when I was ready and no amount of hoping it would happen sooner made any differance – we all have that one special person who loves us the way we deserve to be love – but what when that love goes sour and no matter how hard you try you can’t be sure that they are the one ?


I have worked with many amazingly gifted people who know who their soulmate is but things have gone pear shaped often due to situations completely out of their control – it can be to do with your soulmates past and patterns that just keep on cropping up, it can be they won’t commit, or are already committed elsewhere, it can also be that you’ve lost the spark and your not sure that they are even your soul mate any longer ?


The one thing I know for sure is that we are fully supported to create Real Love in our lives, but often our fear gets in the way – to help you with this I am holding a Free ‘Real Love’ Class on Saturday 15th May at 10am on you tube where we will talk to the angels about


How to know if it Can last ?

How to know if your soul contract is meant to be ?

Whether or not there is someone better for you out there ?

How to cope if your Soulmate just will Not commit ?


The link to join me is here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1BJ1Ik2mW-PlMS2us0XKug we start at 10.10am uk time




One of the biggest issues I faced when I was dating was that with 4 children and little money it was meeting the right kind of people, I knew that my Soulmate would have to be different to most men and I also knew they would have to accept my uniqeness – I actually met Mr Wright on a dating agency and 9 years later we are about to marry again!


Soulmate relationships can be very draining if they are carrying emotional baggage from other times in their life, the angels want you to know that this doesn’t mean things can’t change, that your Twinflame cannot commit it just means they haven’t figured it out yet.  We want you to have confidence that they Can grow, because the one thing Every soul has to do is grow during their times on earth


One of the most common issues that Starseeds have with soulmates is that they have to give an awful lot, and in the beginning this is ok, but several years down the line it becomes tiring, and they wonder ‘is this the person I’m supposed to do all of this for ?’

Did you know one of the most common reasons people Don’t grow is because they are scared of being alone, and often the prospect of you being their ‘Mr or Mrs Right’ scares them – because ….’this is it’ and if it isn’t well what does that mean ?


we woul love to help you find out if your Twinflame Or Soulmate is what you hope they are and what to do if you still not sure – the angels will be talking about all of the above on Saturday


You Deserve Real Love and the best way to ensure you receive it is to give to yourself first, so whether your at your wits end with someone who you adore but who isn’t committing, or whether your in a long running relationship and you starting to wonder why you stayed we are here to help – just click on my channel or my facebook profile on Saturday Morning at 10 am and ill be letting the angels speak to you directly


For now to all my Sister Soulmates out there

Sending you So Much Love


Sheelagh and the angels

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