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Your guides understand that that ‘real life’ can be chaotic and that even with the clearest
intention, having the energy to enact it can be difficult when so many people rely upon you
– sometimes it can feel as though every time you feel you are moving forward something
‘crops up’ and sets you back – again. 

Empaths are passionate people, passionate about helping others but also passionate about
moving forward in their own life.

When it comes to uplevelling it’s important to bear in mind you are still attracting outcomes
based on the current life you have, so it can feel that your not making progress and that not
much changes, often at this point is when you give up. 

But if you were able to sense that just up ahead things would work out, you would have the
motivation to ‘keep going’ for just a little longer and that is where we can help you.

Whether you are ‘tired of trying’ or you have a knowing that you want to uplevel your
Healing business to help more people we have your back – you really don’t need to figure it
out on your own. 

What You Will Receive…..

4 calls With Personal readings & guidance for each attendee
Call 1 – What kind of Lightworker Are You Now ? – where we clarify what you should be
focusing on offering your clients. 

Call 2 – Your clients, who are they and how to find them. 

Call 3 – Soul Purpose – what sessions you should offer and what problems you should solve. 

Call 4 – Getting the word out there – making your healing business public

Every attendee will receive personal guidance during each call

Uplevelling With Spirit £150

Saturday 13th May