We Know Your’e Scared…a Message From Michael For You



I don’t normally write blog posts mid week but Archangel Michael stepped into my living room just now and asked me to drop you a line….I’m getting so many emails from people that don’t know how, what or if to continue down certain paths I wanted to reach out and give you some guidance…..



The energy right now is intense, it’s the inner chaos being seen and felt on the outside

If your lucky you may only be seeing this in your partner, friends and family, it may not be affecting you directly, though it is likely still shaking you and making you feel caught off balance.


If your going through the transition that many sensitive people are you may be experiencing

  • Multiple challenges, relationships, money and stress
  • Fluctuating feelings of overwhelm and then stuckness
  • A feeling that you are alone right now and no amount of praying helps
  • Mad and pi***sed off with some and a desire to be given consideration by others


Phew I felt all of that on your behalf……


Michael has come in to tell you it’s absolutely imperative in order for anything to change to connect to your higher self.  Trying to be happy ‘all the time’ right now is going to be nigh on impossible.  Your external cannot and will not change until internal security is found and held for a period of time.


  • Your angels haven’t left you but they are standing back because these are lessons you now HAVE to learn
  • Your loved ones in spirit can hear all your pleas and prayers and right now are urging you to take THIS as your message
  • You cannot change what is coming unless you change how you perceive what is
  • You cannot perceive what is any differently unless you have a higher perspective
  • The new year can bring So many new beginnings for you if you get this sorted now




Michael has some basic guidance for you……


  1. Connect to your higher self through sitting and focusing on the breath AT LEAST 5 minutes a day
  2. Take time OUT of stressful situations and focus on ANYTHING OTHER than what you are convinced needs action right now.
  3. Get some assistance in knowing how to move forward from someone you trust
  4. Just because you are having feelings it doesn’t mean you are heading down the wrong path, usually it’s the right path because this is something you need to clear
  5. Grounding, clearing your energy field, and asking your team ‘what do I need to heal right now to change this’ is honestly the best practical advice we can give you


Michael tells me it will work out for you, that around March if you are on your Life Path you will feel very differently about your life than you do now….but you need to make sure you are doing what your soul needs you too


Right now, don’t look for immediate answers rather understand it is the way ‘it is’ and you need to cope with it in the most productive way possible in order to be ready and receptive for ‘what comes after….’

We realise this is cold comfort when you just don’t know which way to turn but the answer he says is ‘inward’ and then ‘upward;


Due to the challenging nature that people are experiencing right now I am offering ‘New year new you readings

at the discounted price of £49 via email up to christmas eve, I am also offering remote healing sessions to assist you right where you need it at the same price £49


Wouldn’t you like some extra assistance?  


You can take advantage of this offer up until next thursday for the healing sessions the healing sessions are perfect if you :


  • Need assistance in a relationship fast
  • Need some openings made in your money energy to correct your flow
  • Need to feel nourished uplifted and cared for
  • Want to feel secure and have great energy levels for the festive period
  • Want to connect with your spiritual ability over the next 3 weeks
  • Want to receive healing and guidance from your team of guides on any practical matters


The healing sessions are done as remote mp3’s and i am only offering 7

the readings are emails beautifully presented and sent you you with your current life lesson and abundance message


We really and highly recommend doing what it takes now to make what comes easier and more reassuring – and you know what I take my own advice, I am working with 3 mentors over Christmas to make sure that I am learning and growing as my soul wants me too






Michael knows it is easier to keep hold of your pennies and ‘hope’ everything gets better, believe me i have been tempted in the past myself, yet when the going gets rough you need some hope some assurance and some light to guide your way forward, we are sharing with you here in a bid to help you step into the Life Purpose that will be awaiting you next year if you are ready to accept it


We are leaving you now this wintry Thursday with love and much good will and remember the answers are there waiting for you to receive them


if you would like to purchase either a reading or a healing or BOTH for the discounted price of £80 then please email me QUICKLY once these 7 spaces are gone that’s it till the new year


With love Magic and Motivation

Sheelagh and your team



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