What Is Your Life Purpose Right Now?




Hello beautiful….I’m just in the process of putting together my magical new offerings for the new year, which is all about Life Purpose discovering what it is and how to live it to your fullest and manifest outcomes that right now, seem light years away.



My team have come in heavily with a message for you (which you will get on Saturday) all about your Now, and the evidence which you are gathering, and this is why I am called to speak to you today about your REAL life….



Most of us have ‘real world’ issues as well as the issues we’d love to change things like shortage of money, issues in our relationships and career hurdles to overcome, ill health and so on.  It can seem as though we never get ‘to’ the spiritual, the reason we are here and it can seem like just when we had gotten somewhat clear, another obstacle comes in ‘preventing us’ from doing what we feel we are meant to do



Consider this, those obstacles Are your purpose, the very problems you are having you didn’t just attract (although partly yes this is true) there are also


  • Karma that we are balancing from other lives around ‘this’ time
  • Experiences that our soul decided ‘we’ would have on ‘it’s’ behalf
  • A particular path that our soul deems as the most important for it’s growth
  • Soul contracts in which we offered to teach and learn certain aspects of each others soul lessons
  • World programs and energies seeping into our efforts to overcome, manifest and expand



So you see it’s not as simple as trying to be happy all the time ……..


Your soul understands from your perspective these day to day issues are worrying, upsetting, and downright harrowing at times, however without them you would not cultivate the strength, compassion, and determination to go ‘that extra mile’ and ‘that extra mile’ is where your ‘wishes and dreams’ can come to you


In my new coaching services I am helping people to understand all the above aspects, and then heal them as I personally this year have found that


  • To love myself enough to put firm boundaries in place with people demanding too much
  • To forgive my father for huge issues and now has returned to me with love
  • To help my daughter love herself enough and then let her go
  • To have the courage to put my very personal story in a practical book soon to be published
  • To write my own online tv show coming soon – again on how tragedy can turn into possibility
  • To let go of attachment to money and security and open myself to true flow



So you see, i Do walk the path i am on, I only teach and share what my soul asks me too, and your soul is calling YOU to do the same -when you look at the year gone by do you see how you have been challenged, conquered and then expanded?  What do you want for yourself now ?




Want to know your purpose ?  Want to understand where you are meant to be headed next year?  In my Life Purpose coaching we do exactly this we will


  • Focus on your souls lessons, challenges and karma
  • Get clear on your gifts and abilities and how your meant to use them
  • Explain who is your archangel who is your guide and what their messages are for you
  • Look at the path your on and check it is the right one
  • Look at your soul mate contracts and if needed heal them
  • Talk about your short term goals and what’s needed to manifest them and look at long term too
  • Share what your soul wants you to learn so that you expand and receive all those juicy outcomes (that just being happy for a while doesn’t produce)


The Life Purpose Coaching is a commitment of 7 weeks, and I only work with people truly ready to change, if you feel that you want to know exactly who what when and why you are here and How to get there, with loads of support  – then have a chat with me for the next two weeks im offering the coaching at a discounted price if we are a match – you don’t have to pay now but we need to see if my team is a match for you


Can you live not knowing how it’s going to be, do you want to know When things are going to change and what you can do about ‘what is’ today?  Then me and your team are here to help

if you want to live your life on purpose then schedule your 20 min laser session with me now by emailing me back


finally remember that you are here to expand and so sometimes things have to get compacted before you will choose change, don’t be scared, your soul has it handled but sometimes knowing the ‘why’ can really help


with love magic and motivation

Sheelagh and your team

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