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What Money Money Would Say Right To You Now ……& Offer of Help


Hello my lovely soul sisters – I’m bringing you this in times of great light and dark on a topic that will either hold a lot of importance to you – or none at all – money  –  physically your immunity is heightened  when your stress levels are low and finances can often lead to heightened stress

Money has connections with a group of 7th dimensional beings that live in the Ocean of Abundance – this is an actual energy field that we can either be plugged into – or not – if we are plugged into the lower energy fields of say fear and lack – then no amount of ‘thinking positive’ can change what we are receiving – & sending out


I have connected with the beings for many years – and they wanted me to tell you on behalf of ‘your money’ right now what they are trying to help you to hear ….


1. ‘Please don’t waste time on fear ….love everything you have at this point, we can’t bring you more unless you are flowing love through you 

The energy of love created the Universe. so it can always assist you as long as you have space to receive it did you know that your aura has over 7 places that dark energy sits making sure these areas are flushed through allows abundance to manifest these include


Your money & wealth areas

Your shared belief area

Your absorption & transference levels

Your angel assistance area


2. ” Taking pleasure daily increases your radiance so we can see you, when your fully engaged your heart centre radiates pink light we cannot see you to help you if

your light doesn’t shine consistently ….


Are you doing things you truly enjoy? Money flows when  you are seen by these loving beings & they match the quotia of light that ‘you are’ throughout your auric field – if you are full of other peoples fear then THAT is what manifests

3. ‘Don’t hoard food, money or other items for fear of running out – this tells the cosmos you don’t trust –  but you must demonstrate you trust the flow 

Very easy to say if you have a lot and if you have little it can feel you have no choice – your job is not to Make Money Come through your normal recognised logical means – your job is to be an open conduit so it flows unchecked – you may or may not believe this but did you know


Those that have less that live ‘in the here and the now ‘ are often the ones who collect windfalls?

That your money area becomes ungrounded if you are living too much ‘from logic’  — it gets saturated with frustration and ‘floats up’ – an ungrounded money area means that high energy cannot lodge into the earth realm & manifest into money


Even if you are positive but live with a lack based spouse or family –  it’s your  SHARED vibration across either the higher freqency bands or spread across the lower freqency bands ALONG WITH THE PEOPLE YOU LIVE WITH that means money will come or not – we will address this on their behalf for you on Saturday in Energise Your Money Now Satrday 10 am uk time for all who sign up i will be…..

  • Giving a deep trance meditation from the light beings of abundance with infusions of Deep Source Faith Unicorn Grace & Abundance woven into your aura 
  • Include 2 practices that will assist you in correcting your money flow long term


Want More help than that ? Yay – You can either enjoy the call in it’s entirety and benefit from the powerful aura transmissions or receive the mini reading & Energise Money Clearing includes spouse if you need it too this will include

  • Financial abundance Spiritual contracts that block abundance St Germain Yeshua and Archangel Michael Money Treatments included
  • Giving you a prediction as to how things will be in the year
  • Plug you into Universes supply of abundance – yes i can really do this for you and it’s my pleasure
  • 3 Clearings per spouse OR extra money treatments for you
  • Meet your Money Angel who will give you your abundance blueprint to work from – this is what’s possible for you in relation to abundance in this incarnation

What you may not know is that I know I’m not here for long I spent two hours in trance per day and last year I very nearly went home- what i came back with is what I used to get my small daughter who suffered an eating disorder and faced death just months ago eating so much i had to put locks on the cuboard doors  – I’m sharing this because I have the ability to help people in a way others can’t simply because like many I live between the realms for now at least 


i would LOVE to help you but i must as with any put food on the table for my family so im asking for a donation of only £25 for the trance meditation or £44 if you want the magic – I also offer 3 full money clearings which are staggered when you most ‘need them’ ie when you are either going to lose money or possibly gain money for just £99 these are normally £150


To take advantage of any of these please use this link to book and I will be in touch



Please what ever you decide know that all that can occur is what you planned for – and the laws of the Universe are still in operation the very best help you can be to anyone else is to be in your full

‘I Am’ state as much as possible


Sending you so much love and with 100% belief in you

Sheelagh and the team




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