What Your Soul Wants

Hello beautiful soul how is the energy feeling for you ?

I won’t lie I’ve had a Very rough time, my beautiful girl has had to come out of education due to her difficulties and it was nearly too much for me, everything ‘peaked’ at the Autumn Equinox ……I have found this year transformational, scary, breathtakingly sad and yet I feel the wonder of life and the closeness of love more than I ever have….and yet it can be so hard to keep going when all you want to do is ‘opt out’‘ – and I shan’t lie – I was tempted …..

I asked my guides bluntly why on earth we are going through this again and again and i was told by Orion my soul wants to feel the strongest emotions a human can and to see if i can withstand the grief, the fear etc ….It’s sods law because i can imagine up in heaven i though it would be a great idea to ‘really test myself’

If it were not for the steadfast love of my husband Garry, and the ever obvious presence of Orion and My Mum i would not be here writing this for you, but what i realise is my soul wants to feel EVERYTHING my soul wants to experience EVERYTHING she is greedy for it and opting out just won’t do

What DO you do if you’ve done all you can and no end is in sight ?  For me, i Needed to break down completely, and then i needed to hear my guides telling me that despite the latest pain, everything is Still going to plan, i cannot imagine how i would cope if i couldnt hear them – but that brings me to the point of this blog post, for i only write when it feels important to me

i KNOW you get loads of trash in your inbox, and i Know this may not make any differance at all but i wanted to tell you that you absoloutely WILL get to where you need to be, it’s just that where you need to be is often different to what your mind sees the destination as being, being able to get occasional messages of guidance, clarity when you need it the most and upliftment in ways that are entirely magical can make this meandering road of life a little easier

That is why i created ‘Psychic Spirit Club’ because EVERYTHING is personal, it’s not a huge membership site where you get lumped in with everyone else, you get 2 Personal Psychic readings every month PLUS at least 2 free classes where you get MORE readings as well – in this day and age ‘where bigger is deemed better’ you’l find this an intamite space with around only 19 other Souls who also want to find out more about who they came here to be and what’s coming up

Psychic Spirit Club is unique because i read for you about you when you need me too 

Plus in October you ALSO find out

What is the name of your Oversoul?

What Ray you came here to earth on and what does that mean for your life now ?

Plus Samhain Psychic development night

If you want to find out more feel free to drop me a line – or check out the details here https://www.sheelaghmaria.com/psychic-spirit-club/

Anyway I am also taking a moment to remind you that you really DO know the answers the best readings are ones that confirm what we already knew – i am guiding all of you to really take some time to go within and listen to your own inner guidance – you wrote the plan and your the one taking the steps trust yourself love!

For now I’m sending you the biggest `mama/sister/ cuddle that i can i am always here to help you if you can’t ask anyone else

And we love you

See you soon beautiful soul

Sheelagh and Jessica aka Salem and Orion


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