Whatever You Need Is Available – Right Now




You’ve all heard the term ‘when you are ready – what you need will appear’ but the reality of this is much different, or it can seem that way


A True Story : ¬†A week ago I was overcome by fear regarding the health of one of my precious children, and it hasn’t in the ‘real world’ gotten better – yet, and yet I am 100% ‘over it’ and fine already. ¬†This is because as soon as I realised those feelings were running rampant rather than trying to be positive when I just didn’t feel it I went into some deep clearing work. ¬†For me, I upped my vibration, cleared out empathic energy, karmic energy and also anti spirit energy, for me i also cleared out all of my ¬†chakras, reeducated them from source and asked my spiritual team to resolve what felt and look entirely unresolveable¬†prior to this, and when I needed to be, I was and remain absoloutely calm knowing it has all be ‘sorted’ in heavenly terms and so as long as I carry this forward, the result for my child will also be resolved.


This isn’t the first time. ¬†When my son was 16 months old he nearly died 3 times and without knowing ‘how’ I ensured he was and is¬†absolutely¬†safe and had no concerns when it came to him staying this way – he is now 10


For me the most amazing thing about energy is that it is flexible, and if you will work with your energy and the energy of the area you ‘need to clear’ then almost any situation can be resolved, evolved and manifested for your highest path.


The message from spirit that brought forward this post is that you can and do work beyond the Law Of Attraction all the time, only often it’s not bringing you what it could do as you are working with old energy, old patterns and old contracts.


Imagine Рjust imagine if you had access to what you needed to change things for yourself Рright here right now.  How much easier would it be for you to know that all is truly well ?




If what you need is available energetically right this second how can you access it ?


  1. ¬†Ask for it – it’s really that simple. ¬†Rather than asking for the physical manifestation ask for the energy of it so if for example you want financial security and are having trouble being positive because the bills are rolling in and money is rolling out ¬†literally sit quietly and ask on a daily basis ‘ Spirit please infuse me with the energy of security’ and imagine the energy coming in through your crown – remember it takes a while for momentum to change so you need to keep doing this till you realise you actually do feel secure.
  2. Recognise that it’s been done, if you act as if the situation is still unresolved then it will be, you have to know through as much of yourself as possible that ‘thine will be done’ and that includes your will – your highest will. ¬†This means that the outcome that is right for you is the Only outcome that can manifest if you decide it is so. ¬†Know it and then sow it into every thought you have’ ¬†Affirm ‘all is well, all is evolving as it should i know it’s working out’ over and over
  3. Put The Rubbish In The Bin. – okay so you have ‘evidence that says things aren’t okay’ well bully for you – the issue is it is your focus on ‘said evidence’ that is going to let this spiral out of control. ¬†The fact is if something is going to happen because of a soul contract or soul experience that is planned, nothing you can do will change it by worrying about it, vital that you actually ignore what Seems real, and decide that for you what’s important is the above knowledge, that focus allows hocus (pocus) to work. ¬†All is well, ignore the evidence, see yourself putting it in the bin.
  4. Do for others, what you are doing for you – so if like me you have a child that is scared or worried or you have a loved one pulling their hair out, you have to show them you are NOT worried, and mean it. ¬†Telling them what they need to believe or do wont work they need to see You being okay, and grounded no matter what’ ¬†i call this the ‘whatever trevor ‘ approach it means that you are unattached to an outcome, a behaviour and even to a result, it will be ‘whatever trevor needs it to be’ – in order for them to let go (as they can manifest it from their own fear easier than you can heal it for them ) they need to see that they get no attention from hanging on to it



Teaching them to do this is only any good if you are experiencing the effects of this yourself.  Because I like to show you I always do walk my walk here are my three top examples of how doing the above on a greater scale works


  1.  I went from being in pure fear to being able to hear my childs guides clearly knowing that they are healthy well and protected, we got the feedback from said professional that this is likely to be the case
  2. I went from being worried that my business wouldn’t expand to coaching the most amazing people on their own psychic and spiritual abilities, this is in addition to the life purpose coaching they have already completed with me
  3. I went from having a financial rug pulled from under me to planning a holiday to America in just three months


So you see, what you need Is always available it’s if you are prepared to do what is nessacary for it to enter into manifest form in your life that is needed – very often people want it to happen with no effort from them. ¬†This isn’t going to happen even if you do the above routine, it’s vital that when an opportunity presents itself to you that you don;t hold back, for me this meant taking on two new mentors and learning how to do higher self clearings, advanced mediumship and clearing my business on a daily basis, those were the opportunities that showed themselves to me last month and im now ready for the new ones to come in


It’s vital that if you realise that you’ve done the energy work and there is someone or something that you just know ‘could help’ that you take them up on that, even if that means paying for a service, taking some time out to get some proper advice or filling in those forms, it is true that ‘The universe helps those that help themselves’ every single time


If you are interested in learning about your life purpose or developing your spiritual gifts and are ready to invest in your now, then I have 2 clarity calls available next week for people ready to grow – is this you ?


Wishing you a beautiful now

Sheelagh and Michael



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