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3 Weeks Ago I had a Mare of a week – I got sick – I got physically attacked, and I got very tired – through it all my soul told me ‘Sheelagh I love you – it’s my gift to you – to learn just how much you disregard your own needs – you must love yourself So much even in the face of what’s not easy to take – you’re enough, you do Way more than enough, and there is so much for you to receive …….but YOU must receive ‘


For me a busy mum of 4, a business lady and a full time clairvoyant it’s not always easy to put My needs and wants up on the list, especially when I have a full schedule helping others, but here is what I realised – in order for us to receive what we want and need from the Universe ‘she’ has to feel an excess of Universal energy – to put it bluntly Universal BLISS energy at such a high level, that ‘she’ recognises herself in us, and delivers her natural state – which is blissful love to us in So many forms



Now when you’re feeling anything but abundant, you may try affirming you are happy, pasting a smile upon your stressed frame, trying to swallow your emotions and summon up the energy to help another soul with what you have left, but for you – your bank account, your own ‘wants and needs’ during the week – again – nothing changes



There are just 2 reasons why abundance isn’t finding you – just 2! 


  1. You are in a soul lesson whereby you are being asked to form and radiate a different perspective EMOTIONALLY as well as mentally – & your soul is sending you repeated situations so you understand the power is in your hands – when you integrate this information emotionally & radiate the change consistently – your experience changes
  2. You have a soul imprint possibly a karmic one – which attracts energy from soul mates (partners clients co workers ) & with your soul imprint & their empathic energy in your auric field – THAT becomes your point of attraction – no amount of Thinking your way forward changes anything much 3 days later and your back there – you need to understand the imprint and clear it AND the empathic Energy -THEN your experience changes


When it does you literally ‘hit gold’……









‘It’s very simple – when you grow, your soul grows, when your soul grows the Universe grows, and then your soul receives a huge dose of Universal Love energy – which then is drip fed to you from your spirit rings, and when you are FULL OF THIS the Universe recognises ‘herself’ in you – as she is pure unadulterated love, and THEN your desires are manifested because like – unconditional love attracts like – unconditional love…..’



For me when I realised this all struggle stopped – I have been sharing these new techniques in my private coaching and clients have had results within a matter of days

  • You don’t have to be happy all the time because it’s YOUR love for YOU at a core level that the Universe is reacting to, the fact you love yourself deeply because you cocked up, or you care for yourself deeply because your clients aren’t arriving and you know your’e doing your best, or you are ‘there for yourself’ after an argument with your partner doesn’t matter – no more suppressing your feelings



I KNOW it’s not easy in life sometimes, the family want one thing, your clients need something else and at some point you have to earn enough money to keep everything  flowing, trying to be happy when at the back of your mind your wondering if you’l ever ‘make it’ in a way that allows the luxury of feeling abundant for more than a few moments can be tiring – I don’t promise magic results I promise Real Life Results that once started – keep on building



Later this week I’m going to be unveiling a very special opportunity – it’s low cost but very in depth and it’s going to help you to connect with the very energy I’m talking about, the Deep Blissful Satisfying Love that the Universe is made of – when you radiate this – as a result of the growth you did first ( you must contract to expand and most of you are doing that WITHOUT the benefits of the expansion) your soul ‘gifts’ you 100% creator energy, when you get THIS – radiating it is no effort, you don’t have to be happy harder – your Youniverse starts to change because it FEELS how much you deeply respect, appreciate, support and love YOU – we simply help you to get there



This opportunity is for 6 people only – it’s magical, bespoke and affordable and i want the right people to support each other you will be working in tandem with your guides to finally and forever change your flow for good







I’m a realist I don’t peddle fancy dreams I’m a working class mum professional clairvoyant and wife and I know life can be tiring, crap, difficult chaotic and stressful, sometimes keeping your head above water is just too hard sometimes – so back to the first question what DOES Love have to do with it – EVERYTHING…..










For now though we want you to ask yourself 3 questions


  1. Despite your circumstances, do you WANT to change your life for the better – is it important to you ?
  2. Do you believe that there is a collection of guides that are waiting to help you do this ?
  3. Have you felt an urge around you recently to empower yourself and then others ?


The answers to these three questions are the ones that will help you most – please know this, we are in a time of new beginnings don’t let ‘the end of the year’ fool you, energetically this new beginning happened 2 weeks ago, most people are on a new soul path now, and have the opportunity to manifest beginnings that weren’t possible before


For now though I want to thank you for your time and your patience I am aware that you get a Lot of spam through your inbox and I am trying to ensure I only share what is relevant – I’ll be launching my new service on Saturday and we are very excited to let you know more about this – for now though we want you to know your guides as a collective are around you as you read this and they are urging you to take the next step that is right for you


With hugest warmest love


Sheelagh and your team




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