When it all feels too much – your guides and angels suggest…..



Hello lovely,

I’m writing to you today because spirit are showing me lots of us are experiencing fear……and blocks before the expansion we would love and are striving to create.  They show me that it’s time to truly be the creators we are…..even ‘with the life’ we have right now.


This week –  I went through something really powerful that has created huge shifts for me, I envisioned it would be hard – and boy it was, and lots of fear came up in me around certain subjects but instead of allowing the fear to dominate I sat ‘with it’ asked it for information and received it wasn’t actually mine



So many of you are processing your reaction to other peoples stuff.  Essentially this means you are dropping your vibration when you are with them, and are emphatically picking up on their issues, usually the very ones you are wishing and hoping they would heal as they are affecting your relationship, your point of attraction and yes your money and happiness is affected too


Right now spirit are urging you too :


  • Feel the fear of theirs, and yours and notice where in your body it is located – this tells you a lot
  • Talk to the fear and ask it honestly ‘what do you need me to heal?’
  • Release this for you – which can result in clarity about what support You need
  • Be the example that encourages them to heal grow expand and ultimately create


If you can do this rather than ‘pretending it’s okay when it isn’t – for you’ you will create

  • A space where the relationship can grow evolve and expand
  • A space where resources and answers can flow in
  • A time period which speeds up and you receive your guidance ‘after the fear’ has done it’s work
  • An awareness that you are on track and as a result of this growth – your ‘dreams’ are now targets – in sight


The answers you seek are always ‘at the back of your heart’ – your guides and angels are aware you ‘want and need’ the outcomes to happen ‘quickly’ but they say you ‘must do the healing first’

Your guides and angels suggest:

  • using the breath to clear emotional and mental blocks
  • Spending time in nature allowing your natural vibration to re establish itself within you
  • Stepping back from ‘the story’ and connect to your inner child, who needs right now to be heard and loved by you
  • being grateful for all you have, have had and are still creating today with your tone



They also tell me ‘trying harder to be happy when your’e not won’t work in this new period’  it’s time to commit to your own healing and growth and become the shining empowered soul you were designed to be – and it’s okay if your’e not there yet, and it’s okay if you feel fear, it’s energy moving it doesn’t mean anything is wrong.



I would love to invite you to receive some support from your guides and angels in changing this, so the option to take advantage of my ‘christmas prices’ is open for you now, and for a few more days my ‘holiday coaching ‘ offer remains up to give you the support, love and encouragement that you need for just a few more days – holiday coaching helps you with your team of guides and angels 

  • Remove and heal barriers that have kept you stuck for months
  • Heal past lives and understand your souls purpose
  • receive guidance about relationships, abundance, career


to make this even More magical I am also offering you the change to pay in two installments – anyone who books one of my 3 holiday coaching packages by November 20th will receive a Complimentary reading  new year new beginnings with the compliments of me and your team!


I Adore to help you heal the energy in your life and your reality in order that you can get on with the real reason you are here, perhaps you have very real blocks and just don’t know ‘if this will work in real ways for you’ email me and schedule one of my Magical clarity calls to see if we can help you with our loving and powerful guidance and healing – what have you got to lose?


Whatever you decide every moment is a new beginning, and it’s up to you to allow that to flood through your life


With love magic and miracles


Sheelagh and the angels



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