‘Wild Medicine’ – What Your Soul Would Tell You If She Could…..


Last week I felt crap – I had poured so much heart and soul into my business and honestly it has felt like getting blood out of a stone, there’s never enough to give and people want so much for nothing, i always paint a happy picture on my face but this job is hard – you give everything spirit give you and still the person needs more – and they won’t pay for it – they want it for free – it made me feel exhausted, irritated and just well slightly sad that people won’t or don’t want to grow – that was where I was ……



Then someone died – real time, a young father and husband close to my husband quite unexpectedly – it put everything all the ‘I’m manifesting this (where the hell is it ) How will I sort that ? into perspective – life is a rollercoaster and all that but Damn it’s precious all of it


I see and work with so many people who haven’t got what they want, and they’re sure as hell not wanting what they got it can be so easy to believe the ‘i earn 6 figures before breakfast’ ‘ look I ALWAYS look this good’ and the constant striving to be grateful/positive/successful really doesn’t seem to help anyone in their life right now


What Your Soul Would Tell You If She Could


  • stop trying to get something you don’t have – it’s either not meant for you, your not ready for it, or it’s on it’s way the ‘you’ that tries to ‘clear your limiting beliefs’ and ‘heal your mindset’ is tiring herself out for nothing you see it’s ME – THIS version of you steering this car you need to buckle up, settle down and grow
  • You ARE so damn lucky, if your even reading this you have everything you need – you have everything you require – sure your mind thinks that if you had that high end program sold or your dream job came along you could ‘help everyone else’ but that’s crap – these challenges the ones I keep sending you are because you’l grow as a result of them when you grow your ‘energy’ is so much bigger as is mine and that’s when the Universe responds differently



  • You Are wise, incredibly so, but yes I know you ‘don’t know what you think you need to for xyz to happen ‘ I planned it that way – when you need to you’l know – trust someone who knows – your capable of So much more
  • Abundance HAS found you – success means Nothing if you don’t dig where you are, can you for once just stop putting so much pressure on yourself ?
  • What makes you think it’s meant to be ‘this way?’ because you’ve invested money *yawn time into your ‘usp’ you’ve’ ‘decided your niche’ – well HELLO sweetheart – that doesn’t leave much to the imagination – THAT’S why I’m not invested – where is your inner princess ?



Those are the things your soul would tell you if she could – but what we’d like to ask you is this


1 Are you sure you REALLY want everything you say you do – you might think it will make you happy, but it’s likely to cause you an awful lot of stress if you carry on the way you are – what’s TRULY most important to you ‘right now ‘?

2. If you could really help others without all the bull – what would it look like – I bet if you actually just DID it you’d be an awful lot happier – if you could just have a great time – you do know the money and love would come ?

3. You can’t MAKE life give you something – you can only allow – all of this ‘work’ that is done to ‘get something is completely ignoring the fekking amazing person you are RIGHT NOW – have you actually realised how amazing you are ‘as is’ you can’t ever be or get anything More than you if you don’t connect with MORE of you ?



I just got back from magical Glastonbury, where I met some amazing people but none of them for all the sparkles was any wiser or more magical than anyone I know – and what my gorgeous team told me is that ‘you can have it all if you align with the passion your soul has for your growth’


You see you can’t kid the Universe, whilst you cling onto what you think you are or should have – you prevent what your soul has planned for you to become …….this is known as your Souls Fire 



I’m offering you the opportunity to talk to God (she’s FAB) and your higher self and ask what you need to know – I’m keeping it simple it’s Friday 29th June 5.30 pm uk time ‘Wild Medicine – Where you get to ask anything you ‘god damn please’ – it’s conducted via zoom and it’s only £25 – message me if you want in




‘Wild Medicine’ is all about your Souls Passion for you – whether your having money issues, relationship issues or you don’t understand what comes next we’l address it with you, and don’t worry if you can’t make it live you get to email me a question that will be answered and the replay comes out on Saturday


‘Wild Medicine’ is perfect if you just want a little light shone upon your path – your Souls Fire is just waiting to manifest but you gotta be ready to burn brightly


your place is reserved when you ask for and pay for an invoice via paypal


With huge earthy hugs

Sheelagh and your team

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