The Wisdom Of The Wolf & The Sheep

a wolf



This weekend I was introduced to a whole new way of manifesting – by the animal world I was walking up a steep ‘crag’ with burning calves and I was not interested in admiring the view, I passed several exhausted people who were ‘catching their breath’ but in truth they looked just as tired at the top as they did at the beginning, in fact, too tired to appreciate ‘where they were’ even if that wasn’t the summit.


I had my ‘wolf’ with me, she wasn’t bothered by the amazing view at the top, she was quite happy on the path surrounded by sheep sh*t and panting and quite happy with her bowl of water in fact she was wise enough to know that where she was – was exactly where she needed to be, and she didn’t waste any energy trying to be further ahead, faster than others or worrying about what was ‘coming’ she wasn’t trying to ‘get to the top’ she was quite content with where she was – my wolf managed to climb a 2000ft mountain in less than two hours with my husband whilst I slept and talked to angels on a little bluff several levels below we were both quite content with ‘where we were’ and neither of us felt as though we had missed out


The sheep however were constantly following each other, constantly leaping and jumping from one rock to the next, always on the look out ‘for the predator’ and eating ‘as they went, they were (and are) huddled in a flock yes looking out to alert each other of danger but not really enjoying that moment, their stunning surroundings or even their lush abundant lakeland grass and honestly they didn’t look all that happy to me


When it comes to manifesting we need to remember you can never manifest ahead of your time line – it’s impossible to create something more positive than ‘where you are ‘right now, so put simply if you are being a sheep and trying to ‘fend off’ what scares you, if you are trying to ‘get to somewhere’ then you will keep leaping from rock to rock and the grass, doesn’t get any greener




But the wolf, knows that it’s prey will come, she knows that she has to be aware of her surroundings but not dominated or controlled by them, and she can’t dominate or control them either, she is a pack animal but she is also able to work on her own merit, the wolf is wise enough to conserve energy when she needs to, but has a plethora of energy ready when it’s time to hunt and feed, and when she does feed, it’s the sweetest and richest ‘meal’ she could have, and it’s enough, whether it’s a moose, or a bear, or a deer, that food, at that moment, is enough, she’s not thinking about hunting ‘any other animal ‘ at that time, no she’s feeling completely provided for and she sees her young are provided for too


When you are truly accepting of ‘what’s surrounding you’ even when your past pattern has been to recoil, scramble for someone to give you the answers or fix it for you, you actively create boulders and problems on your path, because whatever you are ‘doing’ energetically ‘right now’ you are ALSO creating with 100% surety on your path moving forward – as a result you keep in the cycle you are in and the more you wish to create just gets further ahead


mountain path



Back to the lakes, we climbed a beautiful crag called ‘Castle Cragg’ and although my darling husband wanted me to stop and admire the view the only thing I concentrated on and appreciated was the step I was taking – looking at the view anywhere from where I was no matter ‘how worth it’ he was convinced it was, would do nothing to alleviate the ‘pain’ in the moment – what I did was keep my focus on the easiest step to take at that precise moment and once I had done this, did it again, I monitored my breathing took my time stopped and had water, and at times yes I looked up and was wowed by the beauty of where I was – as a result of climbing a mountain I then walked a further 9 miles to the town of Keswick quite amazing my husband with my new found climbing ability


The next day even though I couldn’t walk at breakfast, I managed a 10 mile walk up a hill and round Buttermere, he was astounded his wife who has bad hips had managed it, or was even attempting it, he kept asking if I was okay, and yes I was because even when I had discomfort I knew it would pass I focused instead of trying to resist the pain, I accepted it, welcomed it and used it to go slower taking gentle strides taking really good care of myself as I walked


When you are wanting to manifest any experience whether it’s money, clients, or any kind of resource you must take the time to


  • Get clear on how you want it to feel – if you do this then you must go slowly enough to FEEL this way now
  • Get clear on your priorities and make sure you are honoring these yes today this means setting boundaries with people – you cannot manifest anything if you do not have enough energy for you
  • Be conscious of your pace if you are going ahead of your time line with your mind then you can’t manifest anything because you are ‘ahead of your path’ generally if we are thinking about what we need and what we do not have we cannot receive it because we are ‘not in the now’
  • Increase physical activity – if you are not connected to the earth plane physically then you are certainly not connected mentally or emotionally we manifest ‘from heaven’ onto the earth, you have to be physically present and connected physical activity does just this
  • Limit your mental energy ‘chewing things over’ – you cannot at any level on any topic manifest an answer to a problem – whilst you are looking at or are aware of the problem – never happens
  • Immerse yourself in acceptance – if you do not accept your life as is and the  ‘not enougness’ is being radiated you will Only can only create more of this ahead – be comfortable with your body, your clothes, your home, your money
  • What you resist always and forever persists, find a way to be okay with where you are and who you are with full stop

mountain path


Your path to manifesting what you want starts with truly being where you are, being so focused upon that which you ‘are’ that there is no ‘need’ emitting from you



I would like to ask you 3 questions


  1. What are you unwilling to receive any more of in your life ?
  2. What do YOU need emotionally and mentally ?
  3. What are your priorities?


By looking at these and understanding the power these have on your world will help you to move into a new space of creation without these answers you will stay in the same cycle – we want you to receive everything you want, everything you need, and more so much more besides but it all starts with your ability to accept and then create something new


I’m inviting you to consider these things for a while and if you need any help reach out we are here for you with bells on


In love and with magic and belief in you

Sheelagh and your team



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