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Are you stuck and need help fast? Then you’re in the right place – Choose your reading and I’ll be in touch very soon!

Psychic report

Simple Psychic Report - £44

Do you want to know how psychic you are? Whether you’re a medium or a healer? In this reading we tell you the percentage of your clairvoyant gifts from what’s available to you right now. We also tell you potentially the best course of development / service for you with a mini recommendation of what you can do next to shine as the lightworker.

Am I psychic

Simple Psychic Reading - £55

Focused on whatever you need to know right now. I hear Your guides & mine – Orion Bon and Rose who will help you fast, 30 minutes with me to trouble shoot your most immediate needs. If you find you need more you can upgrade while live & add an hour for an extra £29* arranged when on the call This option does not include any clearings.

Am I psychic can I be a medium

Simply Spiritual Reading & Healing - £88

This is whatever you need it to be. Can include Spiritual healing which is bespoke, powerful and unique with my Angelic Guide Spirit: he can perform clearings for money, business, love, home clearing, spiritual ability activations and much more. We can also focus on your life purpose, your soul origins, who are you guides, and what are your next steps in your life? We can and will work with your guides, ascended masters, the archangels using no tools and completely in support of whatever complex needs you have This session is whatever YOU need it to be and we will send you a simple form to complete to make sure we make the most of our time together.

Psychic business how do I start

Need More Guidance?
Want to have your own Spiritual business?
Simply Spirit mentoring Just £333

We help you with any of the following Spiritual abilities: developing yours and helping you to read for others. Your spiritual business: we tell you who you can help we even guide you on services too! Your Spiritual Blocks : We help you overcome blocks to attracting love, abundance and success with Orion and Rose I teach So Many things from intuitive past life reading to seeing dead folks you really have to chat to me to find out more!

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