You Are An Abundance Magnet


Abundance is the flow of life coming through you in so many wonderful ways – but what if your life feels far from wonderful ?


  • Do you find your money worries continue even with affirming and being happy?
  • Do you find your knocked sideways by the energy of those with a lack mentality?
  • Do you keep getting side curves dealt by life when you can least take it ?

You’re not going crazy it’s because the mental field has all but shut – it was being misued globally – now change Must happen for you for them ‘for us’


Mental Manifestation only works ‘so much’ because in truth our minds are a teeny part of who we are – humanity was misusing the mind for so long that spirit had to act – and so now the collective are being shown what we have created with our focus – and remember even when we observe something in another country or happening to other people – we draw that energy into our reality


We Must grow – in order for our souls to grow in order for the Universe to grow – we Must grow, so our soul who loves us ‘so so much’ sends us challenge after challenge – not to defeat us or test us but for us to realise just how powerful we are –


Abundance Is Yours When You Expand 


Below are 3 cards and we are inviting you to centre yourself and focus on the card that speaks to you – this card has a message for you for the week ahead (June 12th) and the divine has infused it;s message through me regarding Your Growth and the abundance that is awaiting this …..


Close your eyes and ask the divine ‘ please guide me to the card which is right for me – and so it is ‘




Card 1 – Joyful Thinking – For Abundance to BEGIN to flow through you you must CHANGE the way you Perceive your life in all areas right now – this does not mean ‘programme forced happy thoughts’ you can’t kid the universe – it does mean perceive MORE divine energy around you – perceive the beauty of life (along side the other stuff) perceive what you take for granted, perceive everything that keeps going right now take it a step further and FEEL that all is flowing FEEL that all is evolving FEEL how every thing that can – does evolve get to the point where your focus is all about the heart if you can FEEL more joyful then you are growing and when challenges hit we dare you – Respond through the heart this has nothing to do with logic and everything to do with Love……your flow opens when You open



Card 2 Love protection – even if you don’t see it evolving does not mean it is not, when we are in the middle of one experience we can’t see what is coming in for us or what will evolve as a result of How we grow now.  You ARE protected but that’s no good if your not focusing upon that – feel into what and who you take for granted maybe your kids DO drive you mad maybe your mother in law IS a beeatch at times but you know what everyone does their best generally say Thankyou for all the love you CAN take for granted and FEEL how those people those infrastructures that have been around you for a long time ALLOW you to want more that is security, without security no other thing can evolve


Card 3 Follow your heart – we are shown here there are things you would like to experience but you don’t believe you can – well you Must allow yourself to receive, if you put your own needs at the bottom of the list the Universe will do the same it’s not enough to think happy thoughts but not eat well, it’s not enough to ask the angels to help you but not go see the debt advisor it’s not enough to affirm your are abundant if you allow your husband to bring you down – you are a magnet and you are magnetising All of the time if you are so busy that you cannot and do not do anything for you – the universe will do this too – so let me ask you what does your heart want ?




You have an opportunity today to change what continues to flow through you – but only if You flow differently – we’d love to help you with this …..


‘The Abundance Magnet’ is my loving offering for you it’s Not a magic wand approach it’s going to shift and heal the energy inside of your Merkaba to help you begin to respond to life in a different way, the magic happens from with in you



With The Abundance Magnet’ you will get


  • A powerful video for your to keep aimed at opening your abundance anatomy
  • 3 clearing questions to allow your settings to open
  • 3 vibrational Soul statements which by themselves create shifts on a cellular level
  • A channelled manifestation Visualisation that works
  • A Abundance healing channelled from the divine

This is literally going beyond ‘words’ and phrases the shifts that occur happen at a higher level and are drip fed down to you so simply by listening your journey has begun


‘yes please Sheelagh I Want the abundance magnet’ please hit ‘reply’ and message me with your paypal address and I will send you the Abundance Magnet video on Friday June 16th



With love and real life rainbows


Sheelagh and your team

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  1. Peggy Kraemer

    Hello dear! Caught the 2 nd half of webinar 6/8/17. Spent first half trying to get set up on Zoom. Could you please send over replay if still available? Life in Florida is awesome. Time now to get out and about more in order to attract source of income? Love all your messages and visualization exercises you post!! You are amazing and I am so blessed to be connected to you! Much love and many thanks??

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