Your Abundance Menu


What would you choose to ‘eat’ from an abundance menu if there was one ?   A ‘Prosperity Pizza’ or a ‘Success Starter ?’


Well Abundance is all around you even if you aren’t ‘taking your fill’ as we speak – the question is how to get it from ‘over there’ to ‘right here right now ?’


This is now ‘law of attraction’ post – this post is about alchemy woo and magic – the art of taking ‘thin air’ (atoms and pure consciousness) and delivering them into your energy field in such a way that magic ‘appears’ to happen – now let me be clear You are the magic – when I work with heavenly energy on your behalf ‘more of your higher unlimited self’ comes into your awareness now and things change quickly


‘The Abundance Menu’ is what I’m going to be serving up from ‘Heavens Kitchen’ next Thursday night 21 September – I will be working with your abundance guides (yes I know them by name and if your in the room you will too ) to perform some ‘Practical Magic’ for your benefit – my private clients who have the benefit of this work on a weekly basis report to me


  • Promotions, new clients & opportunities to serve show up easily
  • Money that they didn’t expect finds them fast and gradually increases
  • Issues with employment, clients. new opportunities within 2 weeks come forward



‘Receive An Abundance Prescription’ Is where I work for you no law of attraction talk just alchemy that works pure and simple including 



  • The ‘Expanding Your Vision’ treatment that got me a sold out course within 3 days of writing it on the back of an envelope just 10 mins after the treatment
  • The Magnetize Abundance Treatment that bought me a events organizer in 1 hour after searching for 3 years
  • The ‘Connect & Correct ‘ treatment where your ‘client door’ is opened and you will call in soul clients, house buyers etc one of my clients received an offer on her house within 3 days and she hadn’t sold it for years


It doesn’t matter if you are not live I will send you the replay after the call and all attendees will get everything whether you are there or not you can even CHOOSE what you get from ‘The Abundance Menu’ once you’ve booked below – and I have just 2 spaces left the cost is a amazingly yummy £39 for an hour of withery wooery that can really ‘help yoowery’ ( I never said I was normal or have any pretensions of it )


Your Abundance Menu



Book your place here


For now though I’m off to ‘cook up’ some magical potions lotions and ALL THINGS that go BUMP in the night


With a 100% belief in you

Sheelagh and your team

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