Your Angel Light

Do you  know which angels are with you right this moment ? The luminous beings that are with you right now?  Perhaps your a logical business person, life coach or strategist and don’t see ‘how or any evidence’ of their presence and your not sure how they can help anway

I’ve heard angels loudly since I was 7 and I heard a choir singing, then again when they told me my mum Eleanor was going to die 3 days after my 17th birthday – i’ve never doubted they would help me and they did so many times, but i’ve also seen them step in and help clients


  • Recover from what they thought may be cancer turned out to be harmless
  • Bring couples back together again after many things had been said that hurt
  • Help people who had nothing and wondered why they were here find security and eventually happiness again
  • Give reassurance to those that have lost loved ones that they are in fact ‘alive and well’ on the other side even after the most unexpected passing



Even as you are reading this you have your Guardian Angel behind your crown your Everyday Angels  level with your heart and your Archangels behind your right hand shoulder -they want me to tell you about Your Angel Light that allows them to draw near and intervene – it is at the centre of your Spiritual Anatomy


They tell me right now many people have entities and out of date spiritual contracts disallowing  your Angel Light shining and attracting towards you all the things your higher self has planned – signs that you have picked up attachments or out of date contracts are affecting you are


  • Freak things happening with loved ones and technology
  • No gap between runs of bad luck with money or health
  • Confusion about what you are here to do and nothing seems to help
  • Feelings of increasing frustration and wanting to give up and ‘go home’



Your Angel Light is a spark of light given to you by Source – and when it shines clearly it is a magnet for wonderful outcomes – but making sure it shines is where your Angels can help – in an Angel Messaging & Clearing  session the angels can help you in so many ways here are how some of my clients have benefited quickly after a session :

  • Receiving money within 24 hours
  • Meeting a man within 2 weeks
  • Moving house and getting a job after months of ‘nothing’
  • Issues with feeling ‘watched’ and ‘attacked’ cleared within 2 days
  • Issues with hearing guides resolved within minutes


We would love to help you – my books are actually full right now for live clients but this remote Messaging session is going to help you just as much and what’s better you will also receive a free 3 month forecast for the summer to help you navigate the energies – the best news is I have 5 and the price is just £66 click here to book yours


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