Your Angels Have Changed!


Have you been asking for guidance but feel as though your not being heard ? Perhaps your very aware normally of being guided but recently your not sure if that’s true or perhaps you don’t know ‘who’ is with you now ?


This has happened because we are all ascending and the earth is denser in energy than ever before – the Archangels had to step back for a while – and this felt like ‘Radio Silence’ to a lot of us


The good news is your guiding teams have all come back but they have upgraded – this includes your Angels and how much power they have to help you


Your angels have always uplifted and adored you but now it’s possible to


  • Physically see and hear them
  • Know their personal names and colours
  • Understand the different messages different angel groups bring
  • Ask them to perform ‘Angel Magic’ in difficult parts of your life


I am going back to my one true love – which is giving deeply comforting Angel readings and performing powerful Angel Clearings for my tribe – however i am also aware more of you have ‘woken up’ than ever before and you are SO ready to join me helping other people move forward


If you have ever wanted to learn to perform Powerful Angelic Healing or give verbal channelled readings then get in touch with me 


I am going to be taking on new clients for my two new courses ‘Readings & Healings With The Angels’ and ‘Working With The Angels’ These courses are for the beginner who wants to advance, the healer or tarot reader who wants to expand and for any of you that long to fulfil your purpose on earth



The World needs you to step up more than ever and if you are ready to find out just how powerful your gifts really are drop me a line to arrange your 2o min clarity call ‘on me’ = please note these are not free readings and are reserved for those truly willing to invest in their gifts


Sending you SO MUCH LOVE

from the angels

Sheelagh and your team

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