Your Guardian Angel CAN help!

I’m writing this on the 1st of August and I’m rocked by how much life change is happening fast in our personal lives, many of us are truly experiencing Karmic Energies which seem to ‘put us in our place’ –


I want to reach out and ask you what help do you need ?

These statements are to your Guardian Angel who is above your head at this very time we often forget to ask because we’re so focused on what’s going on right now!


  1. ‘Please Guardian angel bring into my life everything and everyone that can help me move forward with ease!’
  2. ‘Please Guardian angel bring into my life all the resources and opportunities that I’m ready for !’
  3. ‘Please Guardian angel help my son/child/spouse get ALL the help they need – & Fast!’
  4. ‘Please Guardian angel get me a dispensation so that anything I don’t have to go through – I don’t!’
  5. ‘Please Guardian angel bring in ALL outside help that can help me ……’


Many of you right now are moving from ‘Waywshower’ to ‘Spiritual Guide’ and because of this are feeling the urge to learn new skills that can help you to grow – if you feel that you have more to offer than you have till now, why not check in with your guidance and ask ‘what’s next for me please ?’


In September my new ‘Angelic Mediumship’ course launches, and for just 2 more lucky souls i am offering the 9 week live course for Just £399 – for one payment paid by august 15th


‘Angelic Mediumship’ is semi evidential meaning that the loved one will share guidance to confirm their identity AND THEN they will work with their relative on the life issues they face, so often i see would be mediums back away from mediumship because they fear ‘getting it wrong’ and ‘not being enough’


What you may not know is that my very first example of Evidentail mediumship was when Archangel Michael brought me a child who had died and i jumped out of my skin because i was so shocked – working with the Archangel meant i recovered quickly and was able to momentarily reunite him with his mum – up until that point i had considered myself only to be a healer but it proved to me that where there is a will, spirit WILL FIND A WAY


If you’d like to be a Angelic medium check out the detail here ;https://www.sheelaghmaria.com/psychic-mediumship-training/


How to create a strong link to the spirit world

How to work with the recently bereaved

How to give messages from spirit loved ones and children

How to see more and hear more when your mainly clairsentient 

Please note every attendee will be expected to give live readings to pass the course


Perhaps YOU need support in your life now ?  If so would you like to consider being a volunteer ? Please reach out if you would  :

You will need to be prepared to submit two photos of loved ones and general information

And you wil lbe asked to join some live calls with my student mediums

Anyv volunteer will get card pulls when you are on a live teaching call

More than anything else right now, please know that however difficult life is you really are never alone & if you listen to the urgings of your Guardian Angel things can change really soon

Sending huge waves of angel love

Sheelagh and your team



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