Your Higher Self Reaches Out …..



I’ve been asked to remind you that the laws of Co Creation haven’t changed – it’s simply a matter of who your co creating with – the fear based collective or your higher self – we hope the latter as she is the one who wrote this whole path ……


Your higher self ‘projected you here’ as an extension of her with a whole list of experiences she wants you to have ….My higher self Sarah has told me that many of you HAVE sensed ‘huge changes’ coming – I have been shown that there are three new types of soul stepping forward to help including


Angel Souls – here to find out new gifts

Leader Souls -lead other souls on their paths

Building Souls -bringing in new foundations for change and peace

Lightworker Souls – here to anchor more light


if you are one of these soul types you will have a completely different path to the one you are ‘used too’

it will often only make itself clear once you have shed your own limiting beliefs about who you ‘thought’ you were and uncover the new gifts given to you from the Heavenly Schools of Angels & Light

The issue with this is that if you do not remember what you studied not only won’t you know what your supposed to do but who to do it for – you also need to be able to support yourself whilst you assist others -that’s one of the biggest ‘if’s’ for a lot of you right now but we are here to help


More than anything we want you to know that you will be fine – you will come through this & you will rise again with more love ahead of you than you have ever known – in order to make that easier understanding ‘who you came here to be’ can go a long way to trusting that things will flow


Your Higher Self is able to assist you but only if you are able to hear her – that is where I come in – one of the new gifts I have been given is the capacity to see and hear and trance your higher self on your behalf so my new ‘Easter Higher Self Reading ‘ gives you for just £75


  • The name and lineage of your higher self including the energies that created you
  • The life purpose you embody in the next six months
  • Your overall challenge for this life
  • Answers to any burning questions in one life area
  • A mini healing of 15 mins

If you would like to benefit from this 40 min remote reading i have 3 openings to have this with you for Easter Tuesday simply book here using this link http://paypal.me/sheelaghmariacom



My higher self Sarah has told me exactly what i need to know about the effects of this period for me and my family she has also told me how she knows a lot of you in heaven and ‘her friends’ are anxious to speak with you they want you to save time and energy in moving forth


We would love to be of service

If you book please note this is a remote reading and i will be in contact to ask for 2 burning questions within 48 hours of your booking


With big easter sparkles to you

Sheelagh and the team



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