Your Just A Cosmic Girl!


Your Cosmic Name was given to you by Source when your soul was created millions and billions of years ago, and what’s more there will never be another soul with the same name because you are unique!


Your Cosmic Name is the very essence of who you ‘truly are’ and also who your ‘destined to become’ whilst on earth, so understanding what your Cosmic Name is ALSO helps you to understand why you chose to be here now and what’s likely to unfold in your life


For example My cosmic name is ‘Ahavael’ I remember thinking ‘Have a what ?’ but it translates as ‘Strong one’.  My Daughters Cosmic name translates as ‘Child of the sun’ – without fail when i tell people what their Real name is they agree it is entirely ‘who they truly are’


I am super passionate about helping my soul sisters, and that’s why I’m offering you to find out your Cosmic Name when you buy anything priced over £55 from my website, it will be by honour to tell you who you came here to be!


Your Guides know that right now life feels hard, chaotic and likely very busy, with little or no reward – and they want you to know you WILL overcome all your challenges and you WILL make a differance to many others lives – but until that happens they want to give you hope – for me finding out what my cosmic name meant explained so much about my past and my present and i dare say my future too

Your main guide is with you in this life but they change, your gender and status in life also changes, your experiences in each life also change in fact your very aura colour with every life also changes the only thing that Doesn’t change is the truth of who you REALLY are and your Cosmic name sums it up beautifully!


So Whether your wanting help with a relationship, a career or business clearing a next steps reading or a psychic ablities activation head on over to my website here and get booked in, this offer is only open till November 5th so jump on it now whilst you can, Ill be in touch to arrange your session very quickly and ill tell you your Cosmic Name within hours of your booking being received just how ‘out of this world’ is that ?


Find me herehttps: https://www.sheelaghmaria.com


For now I leave you with my biggest hug and sparkliest love

Sheelagh and Orion

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