Your Shamanic Soul Path

We are all experiencing great change both in our outer world but also our inner & many of us are asking ‘What now ?’ both in terms of our domestic lives our careers & our greater purpose on earth  –

my guides have asked me to let you know that exactly 5 days before beltane – your life purpose was changed both on an inner and outer level – but what does this mean ‘real time’


You are likely to be feeling a sense of disjointedness with ‘what was’ and perhaps even confusion or frustration about ‘what’s needed now ?’ perhaps your sense of self like mine is incredibly peaceful but you sense as many lightworkers do that ‘your going to be called upon’ and you readying yourself for this


i have been asked to facilitate a Shamanic Journeying Workshop where you will journey to the ether realms to find out more about your Divine Path moving forth

The workshop will take place on Saturday May 22 and will be broken up into two segments – the journey & the healing


I will facilitate a shamanic ceremony in deep trance which hopefully you will feel called to join me on whilst in this trance I will call forward


Your ancestors & Your Animal Guides 

to assist you in releasing all that no longer serves they will also communicate with you whilst you are in ‘The Shadowlands what they truly see you have to heal in order to bring forth your greatest gifts

I will then perform a deep clearing and connection to Mother Earth to allow your actual life path to unfold with greater ease – we will be working with Ancient Goddess’s energy during this time


The second half of the call will be where i take you to the Summerlands and you will meet your Guides & loved ones that have passed on and i will attempt to tell you who I see with you – I will also perform a activation of your Merkabah with Golden Source Energy to awaken your Higher Self essence in practical ways on earth this is a powerful process and is likely to cause you to want to do new things in your life


The whole experience will be conducted over two Days Ensuring that you have time to rest and integrate what you need too – this is an immersive life changing journey that is designed to help you

Step into your path in ‘The Golden Age


I would LOVE you to benefit from the trance healings I do through White Buffalo Calf Woman who specialises in detoxifying peoples life paths and performing powerful shamanic healing

we will also be supporting your journey with a card reading for each attendee on what comes next on your path 


As this is such a very special offer I am limiting this to only 6 places & I am told this journey WILL accelarate your life


If you would like to be part of this deeply transformational experience please book your place here the cost for the 4 hour work shop is just £199 we are So excited to see how this changes your path


As a sidenote i will tell you i have privately been working with shamanic practices for over 2months & i have experienced HUGE PRACTICAL changes both financially and emtionally that have floored me in wonderful ways i want this for you too ! Book your place here http://paypal.me/sheelaghmariacom


For now – we love you

Sheelagh & The Team

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