First Let me introduce myself, I am Sheelagh Maria & I ‘woke up’ 16 years ago, when my small son Michael was Gravely ill –
I literally heard a voice tell me to ‘get him to hospital now’ to my horror we found out he needed major heart surgery –
that day changed the course of my life in so many ways, for me it was the angels who guided me every step of the way into
becoming the Soul Worker I am – and it is my hope I can help you do the same!

Your Soul is the part of you that has & will always exist – it is the part of you that is never scared of what may happen
or how life may change in fact you ‘want change to happen’ because that is how as a soul you grow – & that is why you came

More and more people are waking up to the fact that this is ‘not all there is’ & many of you are wanting to
understand more about yourself as a soul & what you came to earth to share

The 11 Soul types cover every type of soul that is currently incarnating on earth, this list doesn’t include
or take into account your Galactic Heritage only the stage at which or others are at in terms of your earthly life.

The Baby Soul

This beautiful soul type has often incarnated in many other realms and planets and can be referred to as a crystal or rainbow soul, they are incarnating on earth now for the first time – yet this does not in any way mean they are ‘less gifted’ than any other soul. Typically a baby soul will have a purity & radiance that is rarely matched some of these souls come to bring energies that are needed and some baby souls can really struggle with the denseness of physical life and often they can suffer with mental health issues because earth certainly ‘isn’t home’ – they are often highly Psychic but need support in this first earthly life. Think of gorgeous Liza Minelli or even Elvis

The Working Soul

The working soul has been on earth usually several thousand times, and is now getting ready to do more for themselves than they have done, often they are focused now upon their own growth as they begin to realise that physical life is not all there is, this can come as a shock to the earthly persona and sometimes they can find taking responsibility for themes in their life challenging in other words they really do ‘have their soul work cut out’. Often working souls Will Only work on themselves at some level for several thousands of lives . Think of Anyone who was repeatedly challenged in their private life such as Michael Jackson or even Marilyn Monroe

The Healer Soul

Is here to help with a variety of issues but more than anything else they’re here to heal themselves.  The Healer souls undoubtedly possesses natural healing abilities but before they can be used they must have overcome what we call ‘healer beliefs’ that can cause them to put up with treatment from others that drains their energy.  Healer souls have had thousands of lives where they were persecuted, had to sacrifice a great deal and they can be challenged to truly value themselves, their role on earth this time is to understand that only when they heal, can they truly heal and help others. Mother Theresa was a healer soul when she was here on earth.

The Parent Soul

Has taken responsibility in many lives for groups of people both family and community based.  They are happiest when caring for others and make great managers of people and teachers.  The parent soul will often feel an urge to work with groups and will often forego their own desires if it means helping the group – Parent souls are excellent at recognising what several people need at once, but they must remember they came here for their own happiness and expansion as well. 
Many parent souls have originated from planets that are like earth and earth will feel more like home to them than other places .Richard Branson is a parent soul as well as Barack Obama

The Racing soul

Has often come here many times and is on a fast track in terms of their ascension.  Often very galactic in nature, they see things differently from most.  They have a knack for summing things up in their minds quickly and are ready for anything that is next.  The racing soul craves variety and freedom and is often happiest when a challenge presents itself. Many racing souls are visionaries and need to feel they are creating something which will help others as well.
Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison would be examples of this.

The Angel Soul

Has originated from the Angelic realms at some point, they have had the ‘healer lives’ where they had to heal, rescue and often sacrifice themselves, they are here as carriers of love energy but they are also the psychics and the soul workers that many need at this point.  The angel soul ‘needs’ to feel they are growing, and their main reason for being here is to learn about their earthly self – they make excellent counsellors, psychics, teachers and lightworkers because they literally have ‘an angel channel’ that connects them to higher guidance and light. A well known angel soul would be Wayne Dyer who did much good work or the much adored Princess Diana when she was here

The Retired Soul

Is a soul that is nearing the end of their incarnations on earth, often they re literally ‘tired’ a lot and can often be found in caring positions for others.  The retired soul often agreed to come because favourite soulmates asked them too and often they may suffer from some type of tiring illness such as ME or Chronic Fatigue.  The retired soul is wise, loving and yet very aware of how things are, and it is one of the reasons this is often the last earthly life ‘they have to have’ if you know someone with a really old head on young shoulders who has had quite a hard life the likelihood is they are a retried soul.  Their ‘next stop’ will often be to train as a spirit guide, or to incarnate somewhere much easier on earth – after. A really good rest of course .
One well known retired soul would be Winston Churchill who did a great deal

The Et Soul

Is a soul that has rarely if ever come to earth, and they will see and feel differently about earthly events than most of us.  Often less emotional and more philosophical they can sense the bigger picture despite the difficulties they personally face.  Et souls make excellent teachers because they can place their emotions to one side and help us to understand what’s really going on .  Et souls can find earth very slow, and can often want things to happen quicker than they should .  Et souls often receive downloads from their Galactic Soul Groups and they will often invent systems to speed up our interpersonal growth.
Et souls can hail from many star realms they are different to star seeds in the fact often their origins are not humanoid in nature . These souls have a galactic channel that not many have. David Bowie is quite clearly an ET soul as well as Johnny Rotten from Sex Pistols fame

The Maverick Soul

Is a soul that has taken on many forms over hundreds and thousands of lives and they innately understand there is no clear line between good and bad and right or wrong. These are the souls that have chosen to take on the roles that cause greatest change on our earth.  Sometimes they will agree to be an aggressor so that the rest of the world can grow, and at other times they will bring forth an example of great triumph that causes much improvement in earthly life.  The maverick soul has often incarnated as Reptilian type life forms and you can often see they have an energy which is different though not ‘bad’ nor better than most
The Maverick souls greatest gift is their tenacity to carry through with their original plan no matter what society or day to day life expects  Some of the most well known Maverick souls would be Hitler, and also on the other side of the fence Einstein

The Leader Soul

Is the soul who agreed to do ‘as much as they can’ whilst they’re here.  Although they are undoubtedly the natural teachers and leaders of our world they also often have very complex lives due to the nature of the lessons they accepted responsibility to teach. Leader souls do not focus upon their ‘public image’ it is often not interesting to them what others think.  The leader soul will often have two lifespans in one life, and they will often change careers or life paths many times.  The leader soul accepts responsibility for everything that they do, but must be careful not to accept what isn’t theirs. Many feel leader souls are the ‘most prominent lightworkers’ but very often their work is tireless and is anything but ‘love and light’ the leader soul may experience great judgement and will have to remain neutral even when others feel they are wrong in some way.  If you consider yourself to be a leader soul know that the difficulties you overcome will have great impact on many . Famous leader souls would be Martin Luther King or on the other end of the scale Putin

The Sleeping soul

Is a beautiful soul whose time on earth is focused only on what they planned for themselves.  Often these are the backbone of physical life because they provide the lessons and situations that the rest of us learn.  Whether they are interested in metaphysics or not their viewpoint is often how life affects them.  The sleeping soul is not inferior in any way to any other type of soul and it should be known that some of the most powerful light beings volunteer to come in as sleeping souls or catalysts for great change.  The sleeping soul is not that interested in spiritual matters but will often have a natural earthly psychic ability yet often this will only develop so far due to the plan for them to see things in a more 3d world way. A popular sleeping soul would be Katie Price, or anyone focused only on physical life.


Whatever your soul type, it’s important to know that your reasons for coming here were varied indeed.  You have an over reaching life theme that plays out until you go home.  You also have in depth soul contracts that you agreed to partake in to teach learn and share.

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