Your Spirit Team Tell Your Future


One of the most common questions I get asked is ‘how do I know it’s really my guides and not my mind ?  ‘ and my answer to this it’s when you have an experience of your guides over several weeks or months that allows you to form an energetic bond with them  you will be able to sense or know ‘which guide ‘is speaking to you


For example I have Orion with me who is very straight direct and practical then I have Rose who is very loving and kind their advice differs because they are different types of lightbeing and so I always know that Orions advice will get me to where I want to be in the shortest amount of time but not nessacarily without growth


Because so many people are concerned about how ‘all of this’ is going to effect them – I truly advocate being your own clairvoyant – when you can read your own timeline and sense what energies lie ahead – if your on a path to what you want if not then hearing your guides means you can take the nessacary steps to be right where you should !


You don’t have to struggle to hear your guides it’s much more about understanding how it feels when they’re extra close to you and being able to discern the fundamentals of the message their bringing in – the way I teach is perfect if you are new or unsure about your skills because i look at your Top 3 gifts and we work with them in tandem – the days where you can expect a booming voice have gone because their guidance is not reserved only for special occasions believe me when i say they really DO have an opinon about everything


I know right now people feel the pinch so im offering to help you hear your guides And receive a clairaudient activation for just £25 it matters so much to me that i know people can help themselves if we all do what is best for us – the world will become a much more loving place


And please dont worry if you can’t join me live, everyone who books will get a card pull and the activation with the recording And you will Also get the ‘Know Who My Main Guide’ Pdf as your free gift for joining


My activations are only done with the purest angelic energy and will help you to hear your guides


Future advice about your path

Guidance about your purpose right now

Relationship advice how to trust it

Business advice how to trust it


If You know you need help theyre theyre I’m here and we’re ready to rock and roll just click here to book and Ill send you a link to the live class by the end of the week  paypal.me/sheelaghmariacom


For now my guide Orion is telling me to tell you ‘we’re waiting ……..’


Love and hugs

Sheelagh and The Team

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